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Healthy Aging - Old Couple Walking

Healthy Aging And How You Can Achieve It

Who doesn’t want to have a good quality of life at any age? Who doesn’t want to experience healthy aging? Yes, life has its ups and downs. But there is always so much that we can do to better ou...

infinite love home care checklist

Checklist When Hiring a Home Caregiver for the Elderly

Are you currently looking for home care services in California for your senior loved ones? Eager to get the daily responsibility of giving personal care to your elderly parent off from you and straigh...

elderly parents loneliness

Rescue Elderly Parents from Loneliness

Everybody feels lonely sometimes, including you. An average person would experience the adverse effects of loneliness through varying degrees of stress, memory problems, and depression. But did you kn...

caregiver california

Indoor and Backyard Activities – Keep Your Elderly Parent Active during Summertime

Keep your elderly parent spirits up! Despite the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, help them stay positive with these fun summer activities! So much is happening in America and within the state of Cal...

infinite love home care

Advantages of Hiring Home Caregivers – Infinite Love Home Care Services for Your Loved Ones

Are you living with an elderly loved one who is depending on you for daily living assistance (home caregiver)? Nursing homes and adult daycare centers might not be a better option especially if you ca...

during the lockdown

Save Time and Money by Using Home Care Services during the Lockdown

Latest update about the COVID-19 lockdown in California According to The Orange County Register, the region is displaying favorable signs in meeting guidelines to prepare for the reopening of business...

Home care medication

10 Ways Home Care Medication Reminders Can Prevent Dangerous Accidents

Medication reminders by a skilled home health aide can help to prevent dangerous medication mishaps that are becoming increasingly common among the elderly. Many medication schedules are challenging t...

two happy women

Self-Care Tips for Caregivers Intent on Giving Their All

As a home caregiver, you have probably heard people telling you to take care of yourself. This statement couldn’t be more accurate. Not taking care of yourself only leaves you open to caregiver burnou...

listen to music

Can Grapes Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s Decline?

Grapes are amazing fruits. They taste delicious on their own and can be frozen in the summer for a healthy alternative to sugary treats. They can be mashed to make jams, jellies, and wines, and their ...

Long-Distance Care

How to Build the Best Long Distance Care Team in Orange, CA

In the past, it was common for parents and children to live in close proximity to one another. These days, with our increasingly mobile society, adult children tend to move farther away from their par...


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